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ASCTrend method for every time frame

Too see manul.

Rules are very simple. Place all the indicators in /indicator folder, compile. Place template file in /templates folder (for example: C:\Program Files\MetaTrader4\templates). Open MetaTrader, open 4 charts M1 timeframe (EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD and USDJPY). Apply template to each chart. 1. Trade according to ASCTrend indicator.

 You will see many arrows with blue and red color. And alarm on the full closed bar (bar #1). So open the order when the bar with the signal (previous or 1st bar) is closed and new (current or zero bar is opened). We will have many arrows on M1 timeframe. And because of that every signal should be validated.

2. Trade on the direction of Parabolic SAR. It means that only arrows are valid if they are on the direction of the SAR. 3. If we have buy according to ASCTrend indicator (on the previous bar and according to the alarm), and this signal is confirmed by Parabolic SAR so we look at the separate windows: - this buy should be confirmed by ATRStops indicator by blue color (on the same bar with signal bar) - if buy, red color is for sell; - this buy should be confirmed by NRTR indicators on the second separate windows. It is the rules.

In the pictures Asc Trend forex system in action.

AscTren Manual Trading System

ASCTrend Manual
Forex Trading System
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