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243# High Probability Trading

Forex Trading System

Pairs: Majors

Timeframes 30min or higher.


Zig Zag

Non lag Zig zag

Zig Zag Pointer

Stochastics (setting 14,3,3)

Daiy Average Range



Explanation Of the indicators

Zig Zag

The zig zag indicator is used to ascertain tops and bottoms, highs and lows and possible reversal turning points. It is also used to identify wave patterns and trends. Most people do not use it because of its lagging nature. However it is a very useful tool when optimized with several settings to filter out the false highs and lows. We will be using this indicator to ascertain tops and bottoms in a very unique and different way.

Non lag Zgzag


The non lag ziigzag is simply a form of the normal zigzag with dfferent setting to filter

out false highs and lows

Zig zag Pointer

The pointer is used to corroborate the nonlag zigzag and confirm entry points


Used to measure the overbought and oversold. We also use it to confirm the highs and


lows identified by our zigzags.

Daily Average Range.

This visual indicator smply helps us to see the averange range we can expect the pair to move for the day so that we can know where to place our stops and targets.


We use this to mark support and resistance from our charts. We only place trades if price is around support and resistance



Ok heres what we do. We are waiting for all the indicators to align themselves in the 4

Time frames.

For Long.

1. We waiit untl our zigzag pointer appears below in the 30M TF.

2. We check the 1Hr Chart to see if there is agreement.

3. We also look at the 4HR TF to make sure they agree

4. The stoch must be in the oversold area in all TFs

5. We also look at the daily to see the nature of the trade

6. We check to see if we are around support/resistance


For High Probabiility Trades.

· 3 TFs agree...30M, 1HR, and 4HR...If they do we buy/sell and go for 50 pips and

set our stop loss 30pips

· Except GBP/JPY and GBP/CHF. Our TP 70 PIPS and SL 50 pips in both

For Extreme High Probabilty Trades

All four TFs 30M, 1HR, 4HR and Daily Agree

If they do we go for 100 pips and SL 85 pips

For Low Probability Trades...Trades With Higher Risk

Two TFs agree 30M, 1HR.

If they do we go for 30 pips profiit. SL 20Pips

For Shorts

All Opposite Long rules


I like the trades with Extreme High Probability Set Ups and High Probabilty. When they

occur. I stake my money big time

GBP/JPY 30 min
GBP/JPY 30 min
GPB/GPY 60 min
GPB/GPY 60 min
HPTS indicators
Trading System
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Forex Trading System
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