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212# HA T3-1 Trading System

Heiken Aschi with Awesome Indicator and Trend Lord

Submit by Joy22 (Written by Tonyb)


Manual System Rules

4H Rule for Buy/Sell:

1. Heiken Asci a has to show an up/down arrow.


2. AO has to be in the positive/negative zone.

3. Trend Lord is a visual indicator and only used for confirmation. i.e. on Blue increasing bars it’s a buy and on Red decreasing bars it a sell. I have made this optional. Anyone can enable/disable TrendLord confirmation on the 4H chart.

(The AO in Trend direction decisions

The Trend Lord is just saying that the market is slowing it's,

Downward Momentum you can trade long in thi istance or you can wait

for the trend Lord turnable blue.)


  1. 3SMA > 5SMA with Shift 1 for Long and vice-versa




30M Rule for Buy/Sell:

1. Heiken Asci a has to show an up/down arrow.

2. CCI Indicator has to be Blue for buys/Red for sells.

3. AO is again optional on this time frame. If it is more than 0 it is a buy and if it is less than 0 it is a sell. I have kept this as optional. Anyone can disable/enable AO confirmations on the 30M chart.

4. 3SMA > 5SMA with Shift 1 for Long and vice-versa.

Trend Lord Forex Trading System

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