259# The Final Trading Machine Trading System

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Time Frame H1.

Currency Pairs: any.


The following information is being displayed.

Moving average for periods 20, 50 and 100.

Commodity Index for 14 day period.

MACD, ADX14, Bulls and Bears for each time frame.

Moneny Management on screen is in the upper right hand corners.

It tells you the Max lot to trade which is very important in money management.

The Stop Loss, Pips to Stop, Pips in Profit and % of Balance is general information only.

Note: Make sure that you use proper money Management. The lot size recommended is on the screen.

The ZigZag indicator is Non Lagging and follows the prices.

Rules to trade the system is as followed:

1. Allow the price to reach the maximum of channel (upper or lower). The channels are the thick blues going up or downward.



2. Place trade with recommended Max lot to trade size as soon as the price reached this level.

3. Once price reached target, pay close attention to TrendStrength indicator and FerruFX Indicator. TrendStrength indicator must be at least 80% or better.

FerruFX Indicator must be all Green(Uptrend) or all red(downtrend) based on TimeFrame you are trading. If it does not agree all the way across, just wait.

4. Set Stop loss and TP at your own risk level.

Additional Notes for Times: 1 to 2 am Central Standard Time, trend form, 8.30 it reverses and 11.30 till down trend formed again.............80% sure.


In the picture the Final Machine forex system in action.

The Final Trading Machine Trading System: Template MT4

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