279# OAN FX Trading System

Submit by Joker (Written by OAN FX)07/01/2012


Time Frame 4H

Currencies Pairs:all.



Candle Average;

Center of Gravity.



1-enter from red and green lines only dont use doted lines.
2-enter when the candle average indicator(timing indicator is above .81 or less than -.81 .
3-enter with my infiniti building position stratgy use the minimal position you can then add every 50 - 100 pip according to your fundemantal view .
take profits as ast a you can and dont be greedy.


In the pictures OAN FX forex system in action.

OAN FX (final)

OAN FX Scalping interpretation

Submit by Janus Trader, (Written by Paulus)


I trade in the direction of the COG bands if they are going up I go long enter 1contract on the 1st signal below the COG line.Must have stoch OS candle average –0.81 and have an Oan signal long. Enetr with 10 secs to go TP is the COG line

If it goes against me enter long on next band down with all criteria above,I don’t set a stop ive yet to bust out. I go to a max of 3 entries.

I see people using this system(s) differently. Some people placing trades off the dotted lines closest to the middle line, the dashed lines, and even the solid lines. Some people are just trading off the solid outer lines. Some people are trading off certain lines, then adding another lot when it gets to the middle line. So basically my question is this: What is the best line(s) to trade off of for the M1 chart, and what line should I be taking my TP?

Well I use the 1st 3 under the or above the COG line and my TP is the COG middle band at the time the 1st contract is placed..for the 2nd contract the middle band may of moved down so that now becomes my 2nd contract tgt etc etc 

STOP LOSS??!!! I know everyone is trading differently, but please, if you are using a SL with this system, where are you putting it? I've seen anything from 100-400 pips, outside the previous candle, to even NO SL AT ALL. I personally am not a fan of using SL, but for scalping on the M1, should I be using a SL? And if so, where/how much?

All my past trading and eod trading is with a stop loss I don’t with this ..as we are on the 1min it does seems to come back perhaps the account will blow Im trying to blow it and test it to destruction its not happened yet

 I never understood this part of this thread: When exactly do you add additional lots onto a trade?

See chart for this,1st contract at 1st arrow 2nd lot at 2nd arrow… assume we had an oan signal plus bands up and stoch OS with candle average –0.80.same for 2nd arrow entry. 

5. I hear people saying they wait till the close of a candle before they get into a trade. So if the price hits the line their trading off of, and the candle closes outside the line, do you take this trade even though the price is not touching the line at the close of the candle?

Need an oan signal which always seems to coincide with touching of one of the bands

6. When is the best time to be trading the M1 TF? For example, the London Open till the New York Open?

Either we need volatility like any trading I see there is no bad time

OAN FX Basic
Forex Trading System
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OAN FX Final
Trading System
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