263# Rebellion plus Trading System

263# Trading System, Rebellion plus

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The Forex Rebellion is a third party manual trading system that uses an Expert Advisor (EA) called Forex Rebellion EA Lite. Because only one EA can be used on a given chart, we cannot use our Trade Manager (TM) expert advisor on the same chart as Forex Rebellion. Therefore, we have

converted the Forex Rebellion EA into an Indicator, thus allowing us to use TM with Forex Rebellion. Rebellion Plus.ex4 . This indicator does the same thing that the Forex Rebellion TA EA did,which is show the four rule statuses on the right side of the chart and to display a popup alert


when all four Entry criteria (rules) have been met. We have made the following enhancements

to the original Trade assistant:

- Converted the original Expert Advisor into an Indicator

- Changed the arrows so that they appear when all 4 entry criteria occur,

not just the 4 & 5 EMA cross condition.

- Added colored signal status icon in the top left corner of the chart so

that when you tile your charts, you can see the trade signal status--Long,

Short, or No Trade--of all your currency charts with a single glance.

Added a Multi-Time Frame (MTF) status tool that allows you to see

the signal status of other time frame charts (for the same currency),

without having to switch timeframes on your chart.

There are now fewer trend arrows on the chart. You will no longer

see consecutive arrows of the same color-- the red and blue arrows

will now alternate as the trend alternates.

- Added an alternate alert strategy. You can now specify two timeframes

whose signal statuses must match--both long or both short--before an



alert (sound, popup, email) is given for a confirmed trade. The chart will

look the same except that the long and short arrow status icon in the

upper right corner of the chart will have a small yellow diamond in the

center of the icon to indicate that the two timeframes agree. This option

provides fewer false alerts. To se manua


In the pictures Rebellion plus forex system in action.

Forex Rebellion Plus Trading System: Indicators

Forex Rebellion plus Indicators
Forex Trading System:Forex Rebellion plus Indicators
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Forex rebellion plus Manual
Trading System
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forex rebellion plusTemplate
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