162# Trading System, SEFC Palato


Submit by Ketang 15/07/2012

Timeframe: D1 (Daily)

Check all available pairs like USD/GBP etc. for the BUY/SELL Signal Arrow.

In daily timeframe every candle describes one day.

The arrow should be formed and should be there at the end of a day. You should not

trade on that day.

You should trade the next day only if the signal is still there, we enter a trade in the

direction of the arrow. You should enter the trade at the start of the new candle.


As per this system you should only enter one trade per currency pair that too if all the

above conditions are fulfilled.

You should not enter a trade if you do not see the BUY/SELL Signal arrow, wait for

arrow to form on another day or look at other currency pairs for the signal arrow.

Take Profit: 100 pips

Trailing Stop: 25 Pips


Stop Loss: Optional -> if set low of the signal arrow spike trailingstop only works if the trade goes minimum 25pips in profit, trailingstops are controlled by Metatrader, not your Broker!

If Metatrader is Shutdown, only a conservative Stoploss will work.

The system seems very profitable but no system is “perfekt” be careful and follow the rules.

In the pictures SEFC Palato forex system in action.

SEFC Palato
Forex Trading System
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Sefc Palato daily strategy.rar
Trading System
Sefc Palato daily strategy.rar
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Metatrader indicator
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    Sergio Correia (Sunday, 17 September 2023 20:47)

    What does sefc stand for

  • #4

    romaneo (Thursday, 29 March 2018 21:25)

    Can't change timeframe. Is it possible?

  • #3

    elhadi (Sunday, 09 October 2016 03:31)

    Je veux télécharger certains des indicateurs

  • #2

    Syed (Sunday, 08 March 2015 22:50)

    I have installed indicator and templates etc however, I cannot seems to display the RED LINE (on your second chart) where it says possible stoploss
    I also have the SEFC bull bear indicator missing.
    Please help me to repair the chart.
    Thank you

  • #1

    Konrad (Thursday, 02 January 2014 20:11)

    Super System. I trade it in H4 or H1 with good Profits.