252# Din V.3 Trading System

Submit by Janus Trader (Written by Ancoll) 30/11/2011


DIN with TF 30is not too reliable for choopy market and news release, and not so many traders are trading intra day,  then I modified DIN indicator to version 3.0 which is using TF 1 hour 

Take a look at the picture below (attachment)

1. Dolly ver 11 indicator + GMACD + Digistoch
Rule still apply for Dolly indicator, but instead of taking profit 20 pips, you may aim for bigger pips.

2. Isakas Kuskus + fisher
Rule still apply for Isakas, blue is signal for buy, red is signal for sell

3. Nina Indicator (step MA)
If the violet line above the blue line indicates buy, if the violet line below the blue line, indicates sell. For a better confirmation, wait for the violet crossing the blue line and make a blue/ red cross.

4. Bollinger squeeze
Red line means sell signal, blue line means buy signal, while green line means netral (may go long or short if you want)

5. Damiani Signal
Is an indicator to show the noise of the market 
TRADE = means you can trade, NO TRADE = nuff said.  


6. Waddah Altar Explosion
If the bar = red and above the line = sell signal
If the bar = green and above the line = buy signal

7. Flat trend MACD
Showing the current trend with MACD
Red = sell, blue = buy, yellow = neutral

For stop loss I am using 50 pips, or you may use stop loss according to support or resistance line (fibonanci percent) in dolly ver 11.

To exit, there are many choices:
1. Risk : Reward ratio, if 30 SL then 60TP, if 50 SL then 100 TP 
2. You can use the fibonnanci percent or support/ resistance in the first window to take profit 
3. Just put 50 pips profit and may use trailing stop 15 pips
4. No exit, leave it open, but use trailing stop 25 pips
5. if by any case, the buy signal alter to sell signal or vice versa then close the trade and take any pips profit.


In the pictures Din V.3 forex system in action.

Din V.1

Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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