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With the trend patterns based on Woodie Doc


1) Trend SHOULD BE in place. At least 6 bars or more.

2) CCI above 100 during the trend.

3) CCI dips below 100. Can go to ZL, even cross it.

4) Chop zone is Blue or Brown for at least 3 points or more in the trend direction.

5) Sidewinder is yellow or green.

6) CCI points change between bars must be +15 to +20 (Green or Blue).

7) CCI turns up and stays up with 20secs to bar close. This is the trigger.

8) CCI bar must not close above 120. That would be chasing a trade.

9) LSMA is NOT used.




1) CCI SHOULD BE in an established trend above 100 line.

2) CCI is preferred to be in a trend above the 200 line.

3) Chop zone indicator is NOT used.

4) Sidewinder in NOT used.

5) LSMA is NOT used.

6) Trend Line Break is the trigger.

7) The closer the actual trend-line break is to the Zero Line the better.


1) CCI SHOULD BE in an established trend (at least 6 bars or more).

2) CCI prints a minimum 4 bars on the other side of Zero Line (against the trend).

3) CCI SHOULD NOT print more than 9 bars on the other side of Zero Line.

4) NOT A SINGLE BAR on the other side should CROSS the 100 line.

5) Look for TLB now. Then the crossing of the Zero line triggers the trade.

6) TLB alone may also trigger the trade. This may be termed an aggressive trade.

7) LSMA, CZI, SI are NOT used in this trade.


GB100 (A ZLR that has gone too far)

1) CCI SHOULD BE in an established trend (at least 6 bars or more).

2) CCI goes to the other side of the Zero Line.

3) CCI crosses the 100 line on the other side.

4) CCI SHOULD NOT print more than 6 bars on the other side.

5) TLB back towards the original trend AND crossing the 100 line is the trigger.


7) LSMA and SI are NOT used.

Against the trend patterns


1) It is a FAILED ZLR.

2) LSMA SHOULD BE green for upside FAMIR and red for downside FAMIR.

3) The FAMIR SHOULD form between the +50 and -50 lines.

4) Completion of the Z shape at 20secs to bar close is the trigger.

5) CZI is NOT used.

6) SI is NOT used.



1) CCI MUST cross 200 line in the established direction of the trend.

2) CCI then reverses and MUST cross the 100 line.

3) CCI starts rounding after making a swing low/high.

4) CCI rounding can look like a cup OR peaks and valleys.

5) CCI rounding of between 3 and 10 bars is required.

6) CCI may or may not cross the 100 line during the rounding period.

7) CCI crossing of the swing low/high after the rounding is the trigger.

8) LSMA SHOULD BE green for upside move and red for downside move.

9) CZI and SI are NOT used.


1) CCI must make 3 peaks encapsulating 2 valleys.

2) The 2 valleys are connected by drawing a line.

3) This line is also extended to the right (in the future).

4) CCI violation of this line for a 3rd time triggers the trade.

5) CZI, SI, LSMA are NOT used.

6) GHOST can form in any direction with any slant.

7) Woodie believes the slant towards the Zero Line is preferable.

8) A Ghost is a Ghost is a Ghost.

Trading using CCI

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    hassan shahzad (Sunday, 03 July 2016 18:04)

    this seems very interesting if woodie heart indicator does not repaint, it would be very profitable, i will try it..let me see if it does not repaint then it will be my favorite indicator...thanks for the share

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