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262# Dynamic Meter

Submit by Joker 16/12/2011


Time Frame : any

Currency airs: any


The Dynamic Force Meter shows an ARROW when it generates a

signal. A Green arrow is a long signal, and a Red arrow is a short signal.

This indicator automatically identifies cycles and gets you the most

accurate entry signals that occur before the market started to move:

Stop Loss

For each signal the Dynamic Force Meter automatically calculates stop

loss. You will see the stop loss in the alert the indicator issues.

Exiting Trades

It is recommended to exit the trade as soon as the Dynamic Force Meter


Dynamic Meter not works on all MT4 plataform

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Forex Trading System:Dynamic Meter not work su tutte MT4 plataform
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  • #2

    Raquel (Tuesday, 28 May 2019 16:02)

    En que mt4 funciona?

  • #1

    brian (Thursday, 13 September 2018 12:51)

    which broker can i use for this trade