256# Power Fuse Trading System

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Time Frame 1H

Currency Pairs: any



Power Fuse

Power Fuse Histogram


Long Entry:

Yellow signal Above the upper band of the Power Fuse indicator and Power Fuse Histogram blue.


Short Entry:

Yellow signal Below the lower band of the Power Fuse indicator and Power Fuse Histogram Red.


Exit When Power fuse change color.


Power Fuse Trading System: Template and Indicators

Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

Power Fuse with RSX

System (the name is not) is based on the testimony of 3 indicators:

1. 3c_jrsx_h (on the RSX chart) period 14

2. Heiken Ashi

3. PowerFuse_edu or PowerFuseHistogram_edu (difference only in the display), parameters 20-12-26-5-1



Timeframe: H1


Trading rules:



The histogram RSX changes color from red to blue;

Heiken Ashi changes color from red to green;

PowerFuse_edu changes the color of the mug from red to blue.



All the same thing just the opposite!

Exit from the transaction - if an opposing signal appears!

Now about the nuances:

When making a purchase, a signal to consider the change in the color of the histogram RSX to the opposite color ONLY BELOW ZERO, it is sotvetstvenno at the sale ONLY ABOVE ZERO


WHERE IN!!! The signal will be true, not false, only when the height of the columns of the opposite color will be different !!! (Move the mouse cursor to the bars)

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Forex Trading System
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Power Fuse with RSX
Power Fuse with RSX
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