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This is the first step you take when starting to look into trading. You know that its a

good way of making money because you've heard so many things about it and heard

of so many millionaires. Unfortunately, just like when you first desire to drive a car

you think it will be easy - after all, how hard can it be? Price either moves up or

down - what's the big secret to that then – let’s get cracking!

Unfortunately, just as when you first take your place in front of a steering wheel you

find very quickly that you haven't got the first clue about what you're trying to do.

You take lots of trades and lots of risks. When you enter a trade it turns against you

so you reverse and it turns again and again, and again.

You may have initial success, and thats even worse - cos it tells your brain that this

really is simple and you start to risk more money.

You try to turn around your losses by doubling up every time you trade. Sometimes

you'll get away with it but more often than not you will come away scathed and

bruised You are totally oblivious to your incompetence at trading.

This step can last for a week or two of trading but the market is usually swift and

you move on the next stage....see manual


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Forex Trading System
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