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207# The Trend Bolt

Trend Bolt Indicator

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Trend Bolt Indicator is one of the most useful MT4 indicator ever released to forex world.This indicator helps to identify the trend of a currency pair.

If you are trading forex you know how hard it can be to get to identify the trend. Trend Bold will help you to know the most likely direction of the trend.

How it Works ?

  • It Help to Identify a Trend So Traders can know best direction to trade

  • It Tell’s Strength of The Trend in Percentages

  • It Can Be Used On Any Time Frames

  • It analyses  3 different indicators to cross reference the trends

The Trend Bolt my corners

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The Trend V.2 Indicator

Submit by Joy22 23/07/2012



Trend indicator shows the forecast of the possible direction of the trend .This indicator helps to identify the trend of a currency pair. It Can Be Used On Any Time Frames

The bar color indicates its type – red arrow "bearish" green arrow "bullish" and a white dot neutral trend.

These two market indicators: Trend Bolt and Trend v. 2, are a great help to understand thedirection of trend.

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    henry (Sunday, 17 January 2016 09:02)

    Bad indicator

The Trend Bolt
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