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219# Daeng V.2 Trading System

Trend Reversal Meter

Submit by Joy22


Daeng v.2 is an Forex indicator whit in this version with reversal meter.

The indications that ths indicators offers are:


1. Predictive Buy or Sell (Reversal meter);

2. The direction Multitime frame (from 1min at weekly) of these indicators:RSI, MACD,LAG, DEMA, Stochastic, RVI,Money Flow Index, CCI,WPR and Momentum.There is also an version of Daeng Indicator with Forex Calendar included.

Daeng V.2
Forex Trading System
Daeng_Ver2_1 with Alerts.rar
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Daeng V.3

Daeng V.3 is a predictive meter.

For Work add the indicators in the folder.

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Daeng V.3 is a predictive meter
Daeng V.3 is a predictive meter
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    Harry (Thursday, 21 May 2015 13:54)

    Yes it is seems to be difficult to understand the indicator..


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    Gintaras (Thursday, 04 September 2014 18:33)

    maybe you can write, how to work with the indicator makes ?
    do not really understand because the functions