302# CCI 50 Strategy Trading System

Submit by Leon Trader 15/02/2012

Currency pairs:all

Time frame 15min,30min, 60 min,240min.




  1. Entry : buy or sell at the break of the previous fractal swing. Buy if the price is above the 34 EMA and 50 CCI above the zero line. Sell if The price is below the 34 EMA and 50 CCI below the zero line.

2. Stop Loss : Put your stop-loss above or below the last fractals up or fractals down. Move your stop-loss step by step to lock your profit if you want to continue to follow the trend.

3.Target Profit : sell you can close the trade when the 50 CCI going up from below  -100 level area to the above of the -100 level. For long position, close the trade when 50 CCI going down from above 100 level

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