401# MA-RSI with Laguerre Trading System

Submit by Djangos 30/09/2012


Time Frame H1

Currecy pairs: any;



Laguerre RSI 0.55
Gamma Levels 0.85, 0.15;

Ma-Rsi (is an combinatio of moving average and RSI) set:
or the MA-RSI moving average periods I have used 8, 13, 21, 34, All the RSI periods are set to 28.

Long Entry
when the Laguerre line crosses the 0.15 line from the bottom up.

we wait until the Laguerre indicator crosses above the 0.15% mark and the all ma-rsi changes from red to blue signaling that 28 period rsi on all the ma’s have crossed the rsi 50 % line.


Short Entry

when the Laguerre line crosses the 0.85 line from the top down.we wait until the Laguerreindicator crosses below the 0.85% mark and the all ma-rsi changes from blue to red signaling that 28 period rsi on all the ma’s have crossed the rsi 50 % line.

Place Stop loss on the prvious swing.

Profit Target:

  1. ratio 1,5 (example ifstop loss is 10 pips , profit target is 15 pips);

  2. Support and Resistance levels;

  3. Pivot points levels.

In the picture MA-RSI with Laguerre forex system in action.


Gbp/usd 1hr chart (first trade)
As we can see on the above GBP/USD 1hr chart the blue Highlighted areas show the MA-RSI change from blue to red and the cross of the Laguerre line below 0.85 to go short. We enter short at about 1,6218. Our stop loss is placed above the previous high at 1.6270 and target our 1st support line at 1,6282.


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