371# I-Regression Forex Trading System


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Time Frame 60min or higher;

Currency pairs: any;



I-regr (i-regression) (2; 0,75; 100,;0);

I-regr ( i-regression) (2; 1.5; 100; 0);

I-regr (i-regression)  (9; 0.01; 100; 0).


I-regression trading

Short Entry

I-regr white line crosses downward exponential moving average 16, Sell, if T3 Dragon 1 is green and stochastic has crossed downward.

Exit Position when I-regr white line crosses upward exponential moving average 16.


Exit Position

when I-regr (i-regression) white line crosses downward or upward exponential moving average 16,

profit target predetermined depends by time frame and currency pairs.

When the price touches aqua or red i-regr lines. 


In the pictures I-Regression forex system in action.

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    Madhusudhan Nagaraj (Sunday, 03 November 2019 09:31)

    Hello I am not getting the while I-Regr line ... Could you please help me to get it?

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