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399# Pietrofx Method Trading System

Submit by Pietrofx 26/09/2012



Paint Bars;

Silver Trend;

Flat Trend ( set 240);




Time Frame 4H

Currecy pairs:any.

Go Long whenPaintBars are blue in colorSilverTrend has already submitted or has the blue arrow, FlatTrend is green, CKSpeed is green or red, and the Vortex has the green line that exceeds the red.


Go Short whenPaintBars are red in color, SilverTrend has already submitted or has the red arrow, FlatTrend is redCKSpeed is green or red, and the Vortex has the red line that exceeds the green. 


Few trade, but good.


In the pictures Pietrofx Method forex system in action.

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