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338# Symphonie Spike Forex System

Markrket Emotion Indicator

Submit by Janus Trader 16/05/2012


Time Frame 15min or higher

Currency pairs:all



Symohnie Spike

Market Emotion


  • Symphonie Spike indicator gives buy signal (Signal at the bottom) and sell signal (Signal at the top)

  • Market Emotion gives a confirmation of signal given by Spike indicator: BUY Doger Blue bar and SELL  Red.

Long Entry: Symphonie Spike bottom and Market Emotion Doger Blue.

Exit positionwhen Market Emotion is red or place profit targetratio 1:2

Place your stop losson the previous swing.

Short Entry: Symphonie Spike Top and Market Emotion

Exit positionwhen Market Emotion is Doger Blue or place profit target ratio 1:2

Place your stop losson the previous swing.

In the picture Simphonie Spike forex system in action.

Symphonie Spike trading system: template

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  • #1

    Spacca (Sunday, 11 May 2014 20:10)

    indi spike is not good

    not 'reliable ))))

  • #2

    chuks (Monday, 15 September 2014 05:34)


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