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407# Ayhan ( Gann Activator and Step MA Stochastic forex strategy)

CCI Trading with Brain trend


Step Ma Stochastic determine the direction of the trend. Open an trade only in the direction of the trend.


Long Entry:

Nina step Ma Stochastic Blue Arrow (tren is up). Open an trade when appears Blue arrow BrianTrend 2 and fast simple movinge average 5 crosses upward Gann Hilo Activator.


Short Entry

Nina step Ma Stochastic Red Arrow (tren is down). Open an trade when appears Red arrowBrianTrend 2 and fast moving average 5 crosses downward Gann Hilo Activator.


Exit position (options):

  1. When appears opposite arrow Brain Trend 2;

  2. When fast simple moving average crosses in opposite direction Gann Hilo Activatorindicator;

  3. With profit target predetermined (depends by Currency pairs and Time Frame);


In the pictures Ayhan (Gann Activator and Step MA Stochastic) forex system in action.

Step Ma Stochastic with Gann Hilo Activator
Step Ma Stochastic with Gann Hilo Activator

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