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433# Forex Secret Agent

Submit by Willliam 11/02/2012


The Forex Secret Agent indicator can be used on the next currency



And on the following time frames: 15-min, 1hour, 4 hour charts.

So go to your platform and choose one of the required charts.

For my awesome strategy I use the PARABOLIC SAR, the GATOR

indicator, and the WR indicator. You will get ALERTS, so you'll never need to sit close to your computer screen and wait till all the conditions are met! I've built this automatic alert for you, so you can get the alert, come to your platform and open

the recommended trade.

When you get the alert it looks like this


In the pictures Forex Secret Agent forex system in action.

You can see that the blue thumbs up icon shows the recommended

direction, the entry price which is marked with blue line, the stop loss

marked by the red line and the final profit target that's marked by the

green line.

So all you have to do, is open the recommended trade.

As an addition you can see on the top right corner, written in red:

recommended entry point level, SL, TP, so you can easily use this

information to enter your trade.


Forex Secret Agent
Forex Secret Agent

You can see on the top left the signal information as well:

When you set the target price (Take Profit) I recommend the following:

Open 2 identical positions, set the same SL for both of them, but for one

set the recommended take profit, and for the second trade set a take

profit that is half the amount of pips than the recommended.

For example, look at the picture above: the entry point is 1.6358 and the

SL is 1.6210, it is 148 pips. For the second target, set 74 pips as the take


This is all you need to know to use the Forex Secret Agent


Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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Forex secret agent
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