309# Trix Strategy Trading System


The TRIX Indicator was developed in the early 1980s by Jack Hutson who was an editor for the Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine. Its name is comprised of its calculation: Triple Exponential. The TRIX is calculated using triple smoothing of price and therefore it is generally trend-following and a bit lagging in signals.


1. Smooth price with 14-period Exponential Moving Average (EMA).

2. Smooth the EMA from step 1 with 14-period Exponential Moving Average (EMA).

3. Smooth the EMA from step 2 with 14-period Exponential Moving Average (EMA).

4. Divide the value (triple smoothed) of today from the one of yesterday. The result is the TRIX.

A signal line (Slowed version of the TRIX) is then calculated, to be used in generating signals.


Trading with the TRIX

The TRIX is traded in several ways, generally like the MACD which is visually similar.

Trading Method #1: Signal Line Cross

This method uses the signal line to generate buy and sell signals.

The trading rule is similar to the one used at MACD, Stochastic and more traditional indicators:

Trading Rules:

Buy when TRIX crosses its Signal Line from below.

Sell when TRIX crosses its Signal Line from above.

Trix Indicator Metatrader MT4

Trading Method #2: Zero-Line Cross

Since the TRIX revolves around its zero-line, it can be used as a pivot to gauge trend direction. This approach is similar to CCI and RSI trading signals.

Trading Rules:

Buy when TRIX crosses zero-line from below

Sell when TRIX crosses zero-line from above



In the pictures Trix Strategy forex system in action.

Trading Method #3: Divergence

This trading method is used when the TRIX's visual behavior differs from the ones of price. Example: When TRIX is making lower highs and price making higher highs. This can be a signal of irregular trend that is weaker and prone to reversal. Opposite also valid: When TRIX is making higher lows and price is making lower lows. This can be a sign of a bullish reversal


Trading Method #4: Trix Filtered by Trix Cycle

The Buy arrow is confirmed by green Trix Cycle.

Sell Arrow is confirmed by Red Trix Cycle.


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Trix Indicator Metatrader
Trix Indicator Metatrader MT4
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Trix Trend Cycle Trading System: Template

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Trix Trend Cycle Trading System
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