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416#Supremo FX signals

Submit by Janus Trader 03/01/2013

The first thing you need to understand is how the system works.

SupremoFX is mainly designed for support/resistance trading. that means it will take advantage of price swings between support/resistance levels. 

In the settings, you will see all support/resistance levels listed, from R1 to L4 :

The main support/resistance levels are : R1-2-3 and S1-2-3

All others are optional to use ( true ) or not to use ( false) in trading.

The system also has the option to follow major trend, by using two trend filters. You can use one or both filters to only get the signals according to the current main trend. 


Example trading

Supreme FX Signals
Supreme FX Signals

You can use one trading filter, both, or only relay on support/resistance trading.

The same thing for MA filter ( MA MODE ) .. this option gives you the ability to use two kinds of moving averages to filter the signals even more!

Please note that the more trend filters you are going to use, the less signals you may get. But they will be more accurate and stable.

Also note that the more support/resistance levels you use, the smaller targets you will have. See PDF File in attach.


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