368# High-low Middle Trading System

Submit by Frankfx 18/10/2012


Time Frame 15 or higher.

Currency pairs:any.



i-high-low middle



Long Entry

i-high-low middle (withe) 23.6>i-high-low middle (aqua)61.8>i-high-low middle (magenta)99.0> i-high-low middle (yellow) 161.0>i-high-low middle (red) 240.0;


Short Entry

i-high-low middle (withe) 23.6<i-high-low middle (aqua)61.8<i-high-low middle (magenta)99.0< i-high-low middle (yellow) 161.0<i-high-low middle (red) 240.0;


Re-entry when the price retraces on the white or acqua guppy, wait that the price breakswithe guppy.


Exit position: discretionary.


When the price is between magenta, yellow and red (guppy) do not trade in trending style .


In the pictures High-low Middle forex system in action.

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