439# ASCTrend with Bollinger Bands

ASCTrend Trading System

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Trading Rules

Time Frame 15 min or higher:

Currency pairs any.


 5-EMA crosses below the 10-EMA.

 RSI is below 50.

 ASCTREND down-arrow signal and candle lighted up by ASCTREND.

Stochastics lines going downward.

CCI line is pointing down and below 50.


Exit Position

Exit when 5-EMA crosses 10-EMA in the opposite direction of your trade, or when price bounces from the Bollinger Bands, or when Stochastics lines converge.

Never enter a new trade without a signal, unless the candle is lit up with ASCTREND.


Stopo loss:

for buy 5 pips below the lower bands;

for sell 5 pips above the upper bands.


AscTrend with Bollinger Bands Metatrader Indicators:

5EMA, 10 EMA (set close);

RSI (14), give it 3 levels – 70, 50, 30;

Stochastic oscillator to 5, 3, 3, give it 3 levels – 80, 50, 20;

CCI (14) 3 levels - 100, 0, -100;

Bollinger Bands (20, 2);

Parabolic Sar (0.02 -0.2)

ASCTrend (indicators);

NRTR WATR (indicators).


 5-EMA crosses above the 10-EMA.

 RSI is above 50.

 ASCTREND up-arrow signal and candle lighted up by ASCTREND.

 Stochastics lines going upward.

 CCI line is pointing upward and above 50.

Asctrend Trading

In the picture ASCTrend with Bollinger Bands forex system in action.


asctrend template

AscTrend with Bolling Bands
AscTrend with Bolling Bands

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AscTrend indicators

AscTrend indicators
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asctrend template
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