305# Forex LukeB Strategy

Submit by Janus Trader ( Written by LukeB) 17/02/2012



Time frame daily (4H maybe ok.dont use other tfs)

indicator 1 EMA 365 (above bulls and below bears as you know).

indicator 2 zigzag to find stop loss (default settings)

indicator 3 Forex LuKeB with arrow alert(designed by LukeB)


 simple rules---->(1)if price action is above the ema only consider the green buy arrows.

 (2)if price action is below the ema only consider the red sell arrows.

 (3)stop loss-->recent high/low of zigzag.(some

times use the same ema)

(4)take profit-->it is up to you.(half of sl,same as sl or1.5x of sl etc.)

(5)use your own money management rules.

Forex Trading System
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