429# Fx Fischer Indicator Trading System

Fischer Indicator Strategy


Down Orange arrow and Red line on FX Fishisher indicator
enter after bar closes

Exit position

Opposite arrow appears (take opposite trade if FX Fishoscher turns a different color as well)
FX Fisher gets an opposite line color (no arrow needed)
STOP LOSS: Last swing
TAKE PROFIT: 40-60 pips depends by currency pairs.


Fx Fischer Indicator Trading System
Fx Fischer Indicator Trading System

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  • #1

    emeka (Sunday, 08 December 2013 08:28)

    how can we trade with the fisher indicator when it usually repaints? it is practically impossible to trade with this type of indicator.

  • #2

    ERIC Kineh (Monday, 15 June 2015 17:42)

    How can you configure fisher to sell when the green bar drops below 1.00 or to start buying when the red bars appear above the -1.00 line:

  • #3

    Graeme (Monday, 20 January 2020 13:26)

    Hi guys, My thoughts on repaints in particular the Fx Fish Oscillator. Indicator bars become stable AFTER the bar/candle has closed ( eg for the day or 4 hr etc) I use a 11 SMA (medium H/L ) as a baseline on the main chart. So when the bar/candle on the chart closes above the 11 sma and the bar on the fx fish has closed above the 0.3 indicator line then I enter long. Even better when the colours are the same ie Green and green. I may enter later but it does miss a lot of any choppiness.
    To exit I wait until bar/candle closes and look to see if bar on the fx fish is below the 0.3 indicator line ( even if it is still green) exit. better still if the bar is below the fx fish zero line and is red. Btw my settings on the Fx Fish is 22 with price 0 ( default is 10 ). Repaint indies are pretty powerful you just have to adjust the settings and use another indie ( or two) for support and confirmation. Remember always wait until the bar/candle closes before making a decision. Cheers G.

  • #4

    Alex (Monday, 28 September 2020 13:32)

    The Arrow signal and the FX Fish bar often changes when a candle closes. For example, once a candle closed, it will show a sell signal with red FX Fish bar. However, once the next candle begins and closes, The previous candle which showed a sell signal disappears and thus the trade have to be exited. This does not help to make a decision

  • #5

    Alex (Monday, 05 October 2020 17:16)

    About the MA cross oc indicator. How you can tell the signal it gives for buy or sell is valid when it often changes its signal in H4? Although the candle has close and showed a sell signal, when the next candle is still forming, the previous sell signal disapears suddenly thus and the signal is delayed to next 2 or 3 candles that showed buy signal. Thus if took sell order based on the signal will result in loss. It a repaint OC thus always result in inaccuracy trade

FX Fischer Trading System
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