353# FX Sensor Trading System

353# FX Sensor

Submit by Janus Trader 19/06/2012

Time Frame 4H.

Currency pairs:any.

FX Sensor is a trend following system.



Metatrader Indicators are:

Fx analysis,

Fx explosion ,

FX Sensor I,

FX Sensor II,

FX Signal.


Fx analysis indicator indicate: Stop loss, pips stop loss, Average daily Range, levels pivot, direction % of the trend up or down, pips profit % of balance, Max lot to trade. FX Sensor I and Fx Sensor II are two trend indicators.



Fx Signal buy,

FX Sensor I blue,

FX Sensor II blue,

FX analysis Tren up >60%.



Fx Signal sell,

FX Sensor I red,

FX Sensor II red,

FX analysis Tren down >60%.

In the pictures FX Sensor forex system in action.


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FX Sensor
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