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Support and Resistance Trading System

1 – Trend : This is the main trend, or the main direction of price at the moment.

2 – Past Support and Resistance : This is where supply and demand in the past was.

These key points are VERY important. More on that later.

3 – Future Support and resistance : This is where future supply and demand is

predicted to take palace. The yellow line is the main pivot line or middle

support/resistance. The blue lines above are resistance lines. And the red lines below it are support lines. The gray lines between red and blue lines are suggested reversal

points. This is how we are going to set our Targets.


Forex Profit Launcher

Forex Profit Launcher
Forex Profit Launcher

On the upper left corner of the screen you will find this instruction area. It shows the

major trend ( Trend Up – Trend Down ). And BUY – SELL signal with entry Point and

Stop loss level.

This area is the last point we are going to check before we trade.

This system can be used with all pairs, but it will be a lot more profitable with USD/JPY pair.


Basic Mode:

This trading mode is for beginners.

It’s very simple and clear.

1 – Use the Daily Chart to know

the major trend of the currency pair.

For Example, here is the daily trend of USD/CAD:

AsAs you can see, the major trend

is Down Trend = Best to SELL this pair.

2 – Move to any smaller time frame, that shows the same trend direction.



In the pictures Forex Profit Launcher forex system in action.

For Example, 1 Hour chart: 4

3 – Follow the instructions on the screen for Entry and Stop loss.

4 – Set your Targets based on the Pivot lines ( the horizontal lines above or below the

yellow line – yellow line and gray lines are included ! )

5 – If the Stop loss was too big for your account size, simply move to smaller time

frames. I would suggest 15 Minutes chart for mini accounts. (for more read pdf).


Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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Support and Resistance Trading Systems