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Rules for Using the SOF trading system

The Line that turns from light blue to yellow and green is the SOFSignal3.

The Red and Blue Dots is the SOFSignal1.

The Red and Blue line at the bottom is the SOFSignal2 line.




BUY when:

1 – A blue dot appears

2 – The SOFSignal2 crosses up the trigger line (blue line crosses up the red


3 – SOFSignal3 line changes color changes to yellow

SELL when:

1 – A red dot appears

2 – The SOFSignal2 crosses down the trigger line (red line crosses down the blue


3 – SOFSignal3 line changes color changes to yellow


Exit when a new dot appears (red if you Bought and blue if you Sold). This

method gives you mechanical trades. Don't hesitate to transform them into a


discretionary trade after because you can see things that the system can't.

Sometimes, it will be the difference between a 30 pips trade and a 300 pips

trade. Once you move your stop to breakeven and add a trailing stop – you can't

wait alittle more time to see what the market wants to give you.



In general, I look for previous daily Resistance-Support but I don't have only one

method for my stops. You can also looks for the high or low of the previous bar.


Price enter :

The price enter is the open price of the candle or bars where the SOFSignal3

Line is yellow.


The signal is stronger when the SOFSignal2 lines are above 300 or under -300.

SOFSignal3 Line.


''The SOFSignal3 line does turn yellow/non yellow while the current candle/bar is

still forming ... so don’t enter a trade until the end of the current candle confirms

that the yellow section doesn't switch back to a non yellow. So remember wait till

the candle is fully formed until entering a potential trade.

The order:

Don’t take a trade when the cross happens before the dot or when the cross

happens after the SOFsignal3 Line has changed color to yellow.

So, wait for a dot then for the cross and then for the SOFsignal3 line to become


It doesn't matter if the cross and the SOFSignal3 Line happen at the same time

but like I said earlier, the cross should never happen after the SOFSignal3 Line

has changed to yellow.



In the pictures Forex SofSignal forex system in action.

In the example:


1 - red dot

2 - SOFSignal2 cross

3 - SOFSignal3 Line turns yellow


Buy @ 1.8368

Stop @ 1.8315

Exit @ 1.8534

Profit: 166 PIPS


From the Example :


1 - Blue dot

2 - SOFSignal2 Cross

3 - SOFSignal3 Line Turns Yellow


Sell @ 1.8395

Stop @ 1.8471


4 - Red dot

Exit @ 1.8184

Profit: 211 PIPS


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