440# Awesome, MA, MACD, and Stochastic

Triple A Forex Tradind Method

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A 4 Hour Chart of desired currency pair.

Exponential Moving Average with period 5.

Simple Moving Average with period 10.

MA Crossover Alert Indicator with settings 1, 5,0,10.

Awesome Oscillator and Accelerator oscillator.

Support and resistance indicator or Fractals.

MTF stochastics with settings 10, 3, 3 with daily Timeframe i.e. 1440.

Vegas1hr with risk model 4(For other pairs set risk model according to their daily ranges)

MACD crossover indicator with 8,17,9 settings.

Double check all of your indicator settings.Your Chart will look like this:-


In the pictures Awesome, MA, MACD, and Stochastic forex system in action.

Entry Rules:- There are mainly two types of signals.

1. Main Signals (I call them Pehla Signals).

2. And re-entry Signals. These are also of two types namely Dosra and Tesra Signals.(These have better Win% than main signals but are less in number)

Pehla Signal:-

Buy at the opening of a candle when 5ema crosses above 10sma and both the oscillators (AO & AC) are showing 2 consecutive blue bars. Same logic for a short or sell entry. These signals are most frequent and easy to identify and trade.

1. In this example There were two consecutive yellow bars on both oscillators EMA crossed SMA, MACD and stochs are in favor (These are extra confirmations) so we enter short.

In this example There are two consecutive yellow bars on both oscillators while MA’s aren’t crossed so we wait for another candle now when Crossover signal come we enter short. MACD and daily stochs are also in favor.


read more on the pdf


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