363# Dynamic Zone Trading System

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Time Frame 30 min

Currency pairs: any


Big Arrow

Big Cross: exit position

Empty Arrow (following the Big Arrow): add to position/trend confirmation


1)short: all indicators in short configuration, enter at the signal. profitable trade. about +75pipis

2)long: trend changed, oscillators rising, signal is given immediately: profitable trade. about +60pips

3)long: FALSE SIGNAL, you'll learn how to see them immediately. take a look at the oscillators: bands (blue) are going down after a rising and squeeze, grey short-tf stoch on the first window is on overbought configuration, green line on second window is crossing down, momentum and volatility decreasing. loosing trade. about -20pips

4)short:here you can see the power of this system to catch the move at the beginning, and surf until ends. everything is going down here, also the big green/red stripe on the last window have changed from green to red according to the sync signal: this is a very strong signal. the movement is followed until oscillators squeeze and became flat, then sync give the exit signal on the first pullback. very profitable swing trade. more than +200 pips!

5-6-7-8) traded inside a consolidation after the big movement of the day before. During this period of choppy-going-ranging market i advice to go on a smaller tf looking for few pips. here we have good and bad trades, it depends alot on your ability to read the indicators. take a look i.e. at the first oscillator: red line follow the main movement, the grey one the shortest.


Quite easy to trade...but only for scalping-short intraday!

9) long: new trend start: sync signal is given according to the big stripe, high momentum, volatility increase, oscillators in oversold config. profitable trade. about +80pips

10)short: trend reverse: here you see an other gret feature of this system: on choppy markets, when trend change immediately and huge pips are made in the first 2-3 bars, it changes immediately giving a new signal sooner than the sistems i've ever seen. profitable trade. more than +120 pips.

In conclusion, here is how this system bring me more than 600pips month to date. I don't like to claim my results, because i assume that you'll read all the manuals, watch the video, study technical analysis, and try on demo account, before you reach these results. obviusely, you can only follow at arrows and crosses, but as you can see these alone sometimes are not good: otherwise, i didn't spend my time building all other tools... :-)

this is not a get-rich-fast scheme: this is just a great trading system.





In the picture Dynamic Zone forex system in action.

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