157# Fx Night

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Time Frame 15 or higher.

Currency Pairs: all.



Fx Night


FX Night uses overbought\oversold calculation to generate its signals. In the main trading screen you can see the main indicator line – the silver line in the middle, and the upper and lower boundaries in green and red.

First filter is to take signals only in the directions of the channel. If the channel is going upwards take only long trades. If the channel is going downwards take only short trades.


LONG SIGNAL is generated when the main line crosses the red line from below.

SHORT SIGNAL is generated when the main line crosses the green line from above. You can also take the trade if the main line doesn’t actually cross the line, but just touch it and bounces.


Exiting Trades

Exit long trade when the lower line (Green) is going down.

Exit short trade when the upper line (Red) is going up.

FX Pips


In the pictures FX Night forex system in action.

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