161# Trading System, SEFC Palato Formula Universal

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1. SEFC01 : 
Daily Support Resistance
2. SEFC02 : Candle Remaining Time
3. SEFC03 : Price Monitor
4. SEFC04 : 
Smooth RSI
5. SEFC05 : Crossed 
Moving Average
6. SEFC06 : 
SEFC Backbone
7. SEFC07 : Long Trend Meter
8. SEFC08 : Bull Bear Meter
9. SEFC09 : 
Smooth Stochastic
10.SEFC10 : 
Dynamic Support Resistance
11.SEFC11 : 
12.SEFC Bands1 : Inside Bands
13.SEFC Bands2 : Middle Bands
14.SEFC Bands3 : Outside Bands
15.Envelopes : 
Envelop Bands

• Multi Time Frame System, different Indicators System for different Time Frame
• Long Term 
Trend indicator on D1 Time Frame

Going LONG:
• SEFC05: Crossed Up, SEFC08: Blue Zone, SEFC06: Below candle
• Take consideration when price also on the Buying, Neutral or Selling Zone of SEFC01
• Very Strong signal when all 
indicators are united to long direction


Going SHORT:
• SEFC05: Crossed Down, SEFC08: Red Zone, SEFC06: Above Candle
• Take consideration when price also on the Selling, Neutral or Buying Zone of SEFC01
• Very Strong signal when all indicators are united to short direction
Do not trade when SEFC05 crossed up but SEFC08 in Red Zone, and vice versa. Just wait for all indicators to agree on the direction of current market being formed.
Building your Money Management is a must! But being patience and discipline waiting for trading signal is the most important key of this system.


SEFC10 (Dynamic Support Resistance) is repaint, wait for 4 or 5 bars to be formed for powerfull valid signal.
Scissor will warn you about reversal correction pattern development (Huge profit taking for the market are being made).

The Overbought and Oversold area in lower indicator window can be used as a swing trading guide lines.
Use SEFC Bands to indicate rebound 
pattern. Watchout when price hits the SEFC Bands 2 or 3. It would be a great opportunity of profit taking when all indicators are agree with market direction.

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    hassan shahzad (Thursday, 21 July 2016 07:37)

    very nice system

  • #2

    Lindsay (Wednesday, 03 February 2016 09:27)

    This system is difficult, if only because there is not a sufficent explanation of the multiple timeframes. The pics shown bear little ressemblance to the templates. There are differences as far as I can see between the daily, h4, h1 and 30m, but no explanation is obvious in the above instructions. There's little point using this strategy until clear full instructions are given or provided in a PDF.

  • #1

    Juan R. (Saturday, 22 March 2014)

    No es el que figura en la foto. es completamente diferente