199# 1H Trading System

Trend Filter H1 Trading System

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TimeFrame H1

Currency Pairs Majors


Very simple and effective system. You have to meet 4 conditions. 1 signal arrow (stealth earlybird signal), 2 Trend filter cross, 3 Stealth buy/sell pressure. 4 fdm multitrend.

Condition don’t have to be in any order once you have all condition met enter the trade. SL prev high/low.


Take profit wait for the opossite conditions.

You will have to manage your trade by moving your sl as the price . Trailing stop 50pips for all pairs or chose in relazione alla currency pairs.

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    Marvin i (Thursday, 23 April 2020 07:54)

    Greetings,I would like to know about 90% moving average strategy to always win the trades.Thank uou

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    alex (Wednesday, 17 February 2016 17:58)

    This looks like a good trading system im going to try it out

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